Crowns and Bridges in Laurel, MT



Crowns can be used to strengthen a weak tooth or to cover a tooth for a more aesthetic appearance. They are used to cover a damaged tooth. They are usually made out of porcelain, ceramic, or gold and can be matched to the color of your teeth.
Teeth before - Teeth crowns in Laurel and Billings, MT
Teeth after - Teeth crowns in Laurel and Billings, MT

Reason to get a crown:

  • Replace a large filling
  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has had a root canal

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If you are missing a tooth, a dental bridge is an option to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is made by creating crowns for the two adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth and creating a false tooth in between to fill in the missing space. Call Stokke Family Dentistry, PLLC today and book an appointment at 406-628-8211. We are located in Laurel and Billings, MT.

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